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Buses of KTEL Chalkidiki SA are serving directly and rapidly passengers in our region.

Agioreitikes Grammes

The ferry company AGIOREITIKES GRAMMES headquartered in Ouranoupolis Halkidiki, travels safely and respectfully to a lively monument of invaluable cultural value, Mount Athos.
Navigate through our daily ferry schedules from Ouranoupolis and Ierissos and tour the Holy Monasteries of Mount Athos, with a view to your quality service and satisfaction.
The AGIOREITIKES GRAMMES are at the disposal of the worthy pilgrims and travelers of Mount Athos.

Aristotle the philosopher

Stagira was a small city of Halkidiki in the 4th century, which was under the jurisdiction of Macedonia’s Κing. Aristotle, who later became one of the most important Greek philosophers of ancient times, was born there in 384 B.C. Aristotle was the last great philosopher after Socrates and Plato to have influenced the ancients’ thoughts. He was the first who consistently worked on logic, metaphysics, physics, morality, politics, philosophy, zoology, psychology, literature and aesthetics. He covered all areas of science and many modern ones are based on his research.

Mount Athos

The area of Municipality of Aristotle is the «entrance» to the monastic community of Athos.

Archaeological Sites

After the foundation of the new Hellenic state, increased interest was expressed for the promotion of our national heritage. Both the Greek Archaeological Service and foreign archaeological schools (French Archaeological School, German Archaeological Institute) started excavations as early as the second half of the 19th century.


Visitors who love trekking will enjoy walking in the settlements of the Municipality of Aristotle, or in the forests and near the beaches. Cholomondas mountain is also ideal for activities.


Discover with all your senses the land of Aristotle!
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